Looked At A Few Apartments In West Midtown Atlanta Before Choosing The Best One

I was looking for a new apartment to rent because the lease on the one I lived in was going to be up. I wanted to live somewhere closer to work so I could possibly walk to work instead of driving. I started looking around to see which apartments in West Midtown Atlanta were for rent.

I got a newspaper to see if there were any apartments listed in there. I called about a few of those and wanted to look at them in person because they sounded like they were what I wanted and may be close enough to my job that I could walk to work. Their listings didn’t say if they allowed pets which was very important. I have a dog that I didn’t want to get rid of. I wanted to ask this in person while looking at the apartment and only if I was interested in it. I looked at these apartments, however they weren’t located conveniently enough to my job and not exactly what I wanted.

I kept searching for apartments in west midtown atlanta for rent. I went online and started searching because that’s how I found the other apartment I was renting. I couldn’t remember the name of the website so I just typed in apartments in Midtown Atlanta. I found the website that had apartments listed on it. I liked this website and it was easy to search because I could see if they allowed pets and I was also able to see where it was located on a map that was listed on the apartment’s page. I looked at my options and found several of these apartments that met my needs. I found a few that I wanted to look at in person so I could see what they looked like and decide if it was right for me.

I looked at these apartments and finally decided to rent the one that was the closest to my job. I was happy I was able to easily find one that allowed pets and was also a great price. I was happy I would be able to walk to work instead of drive because I knew this would save me both time and money. I love living in this apartment and know I made a great choice moving into it.

April 2019
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