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Is Denver Redefining What It Means To Be A Mile “High” City?

Denver is famously nicknamed the ‘Mile High City.’ This in reference to the fact that the city’s elevation is over 5,280 feet, putting it over a mile over sea level at the coasts. Despite the fact that it sits at the end of the Great Plains and is generally a flat place, the fact that it sits near the center of the continent, and at the base of the Front Range of the Rockies, makes it very high up.

It’s always been a major destination for tourism. Featuring all five major league sports and being the capital of the state, it’s the biggest city to be found in any direction for hundreds of miles. It serves as a transportation gateway to tourist attractions like Pikes Peak, Aspen, and Vail. However, it’s also quickly developing a rather new tourist industry, and that’s folks who like to use marijuana.

The legality of the substance is still in some dispute, particularly at the federal level, although enforcement is very rare. Given the wide availability of the substance in the state now, combined with increasing tolerance and local government regulations ranging from lax to even permissible selling and use, those who still live in parts of the country where marijuana is still very much restricted are more likely to vacation here so they can partake in the drug. A running joke is that it redefines ‘Rocky Mountain High.’

Colorado was certainly not hurting for tourism before this happened, as it’s one of the most popular states in the Union for people to visit for a vacation. However, this new element is drawing in a new brand of tourist looking to do something they can’t do back home, and here they get to do it in a place with great views.

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