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RECAP: Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 6 Finalè – ‘The End Is Near’ (FULL VIDEO)

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta aired the 16th episode of it’s long & drawn out 6th season last night (July 3, 2017).

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The episode, which was the season 6 finale, is titled ‘The End Is Near’ and it seems it may actually be “the end” for several of the show’s key cast members.

VH1 synopsis:

Kirk reaches his breaking point; DNA test results rock Rasheeda; Tommie and Samantha deal with their issues; Joseline wants Stevie to join her in New York.

Recap + watch full video below…

VIDEO: LHHATL Season 6 Finale

Tommiee’s Mommy Issues…

Tammy Rivera helps orchestrate a sit-down meeting with Tommiee and her mother, Samantha in hopes of helping them sort through some issues.

It seems Tommie has a built up a lot of resentment towards her mom, who she says was never there for her throughout her tough upbringing.

Momma Dee hosts a housewarming for her new digs and invites all of her fellow ‘mom’s’ over for the intervention. Deb Antney is joined by Tammy’s mom and Samantha and they all attempt to have an awkward sit down conversation.

Sam says she’s tired of constantly paying the price for Tommiee, especially after she “gave up everything,” for her daughter and raised her after giving birth at 17. She also feels she was a great mom because she had Tommiee and her siblings in nothing but the finest stolen designer goods.

[Sidebar: Even Deb couldn’t help rolling her eyes at that one…]

That meeting ends on a sour note and all agree that professional help is needed.

Later in the episode, Tommiee and her mom meet with a therapist and after a rough start, Sam manages to open up offers an emotional apology on bended knee.

Rasheeda & Kirk’s baby mama drama…

NEWSFLASH!! Jasmine Washington’s ex-boyfriend Logan is NOT the father.

Rasheeda receives the news in an envelope containing an apology letter from her husband’s mistress which was delivered to her boutique.

She’s understandably heartbroken about the news and is convinced more than ever that Kirk is the father of Jasmine’s love child.

Meanwhile, Kirk and Rasheeda’s mom Shirleen are having a battle of their own as he accuses her of playing up the drama for the cameras, asking ‘are they paying you enough to break up our family?’

Shirleen simply wants Kirk to admit to his wrongdoings, but he doesn’t feel that it’s Rasheeda’s mom who’s owed the apology.

The episode ends as Rasheeda decides to sign the ‘separation’ agreement, which basically only separates their assets. She tells her mom that Kirk graciously signed over all of their assets and only wants the rights to management fees for the next 2 years.

Stevie J. & Joseline…

The battle between Stevie J. and Joseline continues as it seems baby Bonnie Bella didn’t calm down the attitude of the ‘puerto rican princess’.

After getting into a verbal battle with her ‘step-daughters’ last week, Joseline had decided to offer Steebie and ultimatum. Marry her (for real this time) or she leaves forever.

Stevie apparently decides he’s done with the drama and only wants the best for his children.

During the finale episode, some ‘real life’ drama comes into play as it’s revealed that Stevie refused to appear on The Wendy Williams Show with Joseline.

Producers also throw in several clips of Joseline calling them ‘disrespectful’ and threatening to quit.

Whatever the case, Stevie J. appears happy and content as he spends time with his family without the drama of his newest baby mama.

What did you think of the season 6 finale of LHHATL?

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