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The Safety Of Atlanta

If you live in any of the cities along the outskirts of Atlanta, you likely have access to their local news. Even as far down as Macon nearly 100 miles to the south, tuning in to the evening broadcasts of Atlanta stations can easily be a part of your daily routine. Atlanta newspapers are also in circulation throughout the entire state. So naturally, this allows for a lot of different preconceived notions about the city from the perspective of its surrounding outsiders.

One of the leading assumptions of the city from GA’s other residents lies within its safety – or a lack thereof! The news tends to sensationalize the juiciest stories that will keep people watching or reading, and unfortunately that often equates to the most dire events of the day. Local outlets are just as guilty as those that focus on national and international events. As a business, it’s in their best interest to focus on whatever will draw in the most attention. Sadly, it seems negativity is often like a magnet to the masses.

As such, all of the most tragic stories from Atlanta are often the only ones that other residents of the state ever hear about. It’s understandable that a negative view of the city would be formed as a result, but it’s hardly fair. Every locale has its share of horror stories, but ignoring all of the positives in favor of those is ultimately shortsighted.

For many, Atlanta is a city they absolutely love and cherish. It has been the home of great progress in many mediums, from societal to technological and so on, and it even has a booming art scene and plenty to do on the evenings and weekends. Before assuming the worst, perhaps give it a shot firsthand sometime!

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